Minnesota Nature Park Fall Engagement

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March 28, 2023

Alyssa + Nick Engagement Session

I met Alyssa and Nick for the first time at their engagement session. They had driven all the way from Green Bay for the session and were so sweet it didn’t take long to start chatting. Alyssa and I realized we were both from the same city and had gone to the same grade school where my mom still teaches and her mom worked as well!

The weather was gray for most of the session and even drizzled slightly, but Nick and Alyssa were such troopers. We were about to call it a night when the sun started peeking out! I’m so happy they trusted me enough to hike up a large hill and wade through a brambly field to get the best light. 

As I drove home that evening, I remember feeling excited for their wedding, a whole year later. Then Alyssa texted me and it made my whole week: “Hi Nicole! Just wanted to thank you SO much for making our engagement pics such an enjoyable experience!! Honestly, we were (or I was) pretty nervous & stressed about it all week but you made us feel so good and made the whole thing sooo easy!! Seriously so excited you’ll be our girl for the wedding too!! Thank you so much!!”

I think messages like this really make everything worth it for us as photographers. We get to provide a service for wonderful deserving people, make friends, and help them feel confident and relaxed. 🤍

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